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Floss Bands: Their Benefits and How to Use Them

By Peter MacDonald-Brown November 26, 2021

Flossing is a method of soft tissue mobilization/manipulation using a CERBERUS floss band to apply compression during active or passive mobilization. The main purpose is to restore joint range of motion and separate matted down or injured tissue, to decrease muscle soreness and recovery time by promoting increased blood flow to restricted areas and compressing swollen joints that lack motion.
The floss is wrapped around the restricted joint or area of concern (remember floss is not suitable for every area of the body) this constricts the blood flow to the joint/area, and when you take it off, the blood flow rushes to the affected area and floods it with oxygen and nutrients. By tightly wrapping and working the joint or area wrapped through a full range of motion friction between muscle fibres helps break up scar tissue and flush lactic acid. It is also a type of myofascial release that works on the whole area wrapped to effect multiple surrounding structures including muscles, tendons, joint capsules and nerves rather than just a pin pointed area.
Improving range of motion and joint mobility in a position of restriction
Reducing swelling and inflammation in a joint
Reducing pain 
Improving muscle contraction
Restoring sliding surfaces
Releasing trigger points

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