BATTLE OF THE BELTS - Which Belt Should I Buy?

We have a wide range of belts. But why? Each of our belts suits either a special purpose or is better for certain types of movements or exercise. So which one is for you? 

Cerberus Triple Ply Deadlift Belt

Well as it says in the name, this best is designed for dead lifts. Some people find it very uncomfortable to get into the correct position to deadlift in a standard 4" wide belt. However the Triple Ply Deadlift belt is made from 3 layers of durable lightweight webbing which can flex and move so you can get in the right position. The flexibility of this belt also makes it excellent moving/loading events such as Atlas Stones because it does not limit your range of movement. Also great for Log as there is no buckle in the way which makes these belts a great choice for Strongman events! 

Single Prong

Single Prong is the classic lifting belt and has long been a favourite amongst experienced lifters. It is very easy to use, it can be released quicker and easier than a double prong belt. The belt can be easily adjusted to your desired tightness for any given exercise e.g. most lifters like different levels of support for squats and deadlifts. Also various Strongman events most definitely require different levels of belt tightness. These are the best all around belts. 

Lever Belt 

The benefit of a lever is that you can tighten the belt to its maximum tightness and release with the minimum of effort making it very quick, easy and safe to use. They can also be made tighter the any off the order belts due the the lever buckle. this makes it the perfect choice for maximum lifts and is very popular amounts powerlifters and strongmen/women.