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Have you set any Goals for this New Year?

January 13, 2023

Have you set any Goals for this New Year?

Ok so why is it so important and why does everyone always take about goal setting? Setting goals will help to trigger new behaviours in many ways. One of the biggest things you can do to achieve your goals is to write them down. This will make you accountable for these goals, having SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE goals written and set by you. Having a constant reminder of your set goals right there in front of your face decreases the chances of you avoiding them. Creating a higher focus on commitment in your mind. Everyone is more than aware that by not sticking to your plan means that YOU will not achieve the goals that YOU have set! This is a very prominent point to remember as humans we naturally do not like to fail. That point is what helps drive self-discipline when we are set on achieving those goals. Writing down your goals and process will help you track your results, helping you to feel motived as you work towards your goals. This will also assist you to stay on track to be able to accomplish your goals. Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success, “people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don't.”

So how do you set your goal?

There are multiple methods this can be completed, however an easy way to begin is to use SMART goal setting. It stands for Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-constrained. So let’s look at it in a lifting context:

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

  • Specific. Generic size and strength aren't goals – they're things that you want! Adding muscle to your arms, lats, or quads, or improving your overhead press and front squat, are specific goals. Don't even think about hitting us with the ‘you always need to be constantly improving everything’. Although this might be true, breaking it down to specifics will allow better attention to detail which leads to better overall progress.
  • Measurable. "Bigger" and "leaner" are intangible, open-ended terms and isn't a goal. 10% body fat, or 30min 5 km run, deadlifting 200kg for 8 reps, or 17-inch arms and 26-inch legs are tangible goals.
  • Attainable. Any goal you're reaching for has to actually be reachable. If it's June 12th and you decide to lose 20kg of fat by July, that's not attainable. High expectations are one thing, shooting for the impossible is something else and you are setting yourself up for failure.
  • Realistic. Similar to the previous point, goals need to be realistic both in scope and practicality.
  • Time-constrained. Every goal needs a deadline. First, it gives you a single date on the calendar which will get menacingly closer and closer. This should help you keep your dispone even when you lose motivation. Second, it completes the framework that allows you to design the best approach to achieve your goal. Competitive bodybuilders and strength athletes benefit from forced timelines with contests. They generally have 12-16 weeks to either hit their goal or miss the mark on the big day. Limiting yourself to X amount of months to reach a specific goal will influence everything from your training frequency to your nutrition approach.

“If you don't set goals for your life then it's almost certain that you will be very disappointed with your results. Aiming at nothing is setting yourself up to achieve nothing.”


Hope this helps you guys on your journey to an awesome 2023!


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