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Buyers Guide To Barbells

March 29, 2021


Our squat bar is the maximum length allowed by the specialized bar federation rules of 2.4m. This extra length gives better weight distribution over the length and with the bar being 32mm thick it creates less pressure on one point than a standard bar. The extra thickness and better weight distribution means you will notice a significant improvement in stability. It is also fully knurled to improve grip on both your back and hands, instilling confidence so you know the bar will not slip or move - it feels stuck to your back! The extra thickness in diameter also gives a bigger contact area adding more grip and less pressure. In turn giving you a more secure-feeling which allows you to focus on your lifting and push harder.

CERBERUS Deadlift Bar

Unlike most Deadlift bars on the market the Cerberus Deadlift bar is 2.4m long - this is the maximum length specialized bar by PL federation rules. Its is also just 27mm in diameter. This makes the bar feel great in the hands, coupled with super aggressive knurl and the fact that you can get your hands around more of the bar due to its diameter it makes it easier to grip and hold. This improved grip makes the bar feel more secure in your hands which allows you to pull harder. Its extra length, PSI rating and the 27mm diameter gives the bar a lot of “whip” flex. This mean that you can pull a lot more flex out of the bar before you start to lift the weights of the floor. So, you technically start the pull from higher than you would with stiffer bar e.g. Cerberus Power Bar.  This also helps to give you a smoother pull allowing to weight to increase as you get higher in the movement. All these factors help you to deadlift more weight vs a stiff bar (especially once you get used to the feel of it.)


Our Power Bar is made to the highest specifications. It is made to meet the rules of all current (as of 2021) Power Lifting Federations and made to IPF standard specs. It boasts an ultra-thin collar with a 431mm Loadable Sleeve Length (one of the biggest on the market) and is designed to be stiff. It is a 29mm diameter bar with minimum flex. If you compete in power lifting or are looking for a super strong and durable bar then this is the bar for you!

 CERBERUS Safety Squat Bar

It is designed to allow those of us with poor shoulder mobility or shoulder injuries to do a back loaded squat, however it offers far more than just that. The CERBERUS SSB also makes a fantastic assistance tool to improve both your straight bar squat and deadlift. Due to the unique shape and design of this bar it distributes the weight differently. The bar sits slightly higher on your traps than if you were to do a high bar squat. This puts the load in a different position (between a front squat and high-bar back squat) which makes squatting with this bar feel very different and has lots of unique benefits. Its strengthens your upper back and core. This is because the CERBERUS Safety Squat Bar has a camber which actually places the collar below the midline and at an angle to the vertical axis. This feature coupled with the fact the bar actually sits slightly higher on the shoulders will tend pull you forward. This forces you to have to fight to stay in the upright position to prevent folding. Its forward-facing handles mean that you no longer have to go through the pain or discomfort of trying to reach the bar if you have poor shoulder mobility or shoulder injuries and also eliminates the stress on your elbows and wrists. Because of the bar position sitting higher on your traps it also allows you to keep a far more upright position which in turn places less stress on your lower back helping to alleviate pain and improving your squatting technique which will carry over to your straight bar back squat also.


The Cerberus GP Barbell is our General-Purpose bar. We use a combination of brass bushes and 8 needle bearings on this barbell. This gives it strength but also allows free spinning collar. With no centre knurl and both powerlifting and Olympic lifting rings mean this bar is great for thing like clean and jerk but also can withstand heavy deadlifts. It is 28mm in diameter this is the min for a powerlifting bar and the correct diameter for an Oly Barbell this give the barbell decent wipe and flex so the catch phase of clean or snatch feels right but still not too much so it does not affect powerlifting movements. It has a medium knurl which provides a good grip for powerlifting, but not so much that it rips your hands apart when the bar spins in your hand during the catch phases of the lifts. If you could only have one barbell then this would be it!


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