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Cerberus Throwing Sandbag

February 28, 2020

Throwing has long been a test of power and strength. With roots dating back centuries it is still popular today. Most notable in the Scottish Highland Games heavy events with the likes of Hammer throw, Shot Putt, Weight for Height and Weight for Distance and now has gained popularity within the Strongman community having been at several top Strongman events. 

Our Throwing sandbag will allow you to conveniently train throwing movements as well as lots of other exercises. Here are some suggestions to get the most out of your throwing sandbag:

Use it as a strength & conditioning tool – The Cerberus Throwing Bag has been specifically designed for throwing but is also an excellent all round training tool. You can replace a lot of the movements that you would use a kettle bell for with one of our Throwing Bags. Awesome for 2 handed /1 handed Kettlebell swing, Kettlebell Goblet Squat, Snatch, Clean & Press, Turkish Get Up and much more! They are a versatile addition.

Use it as a replacement for your "normal" Dumbbell exercises -  works great for front squats, overhead squats, cleans, overhead press, bicep curls, rows the list goes on. Don't be afraid to experiment

Use it for Strongman/Highland Games Training - t you can use it to train for the exact throwing bag event in strongman competition either for height or multiple bags for time.  you can mimic Weight for height and weight for distance and you can even train then indoors. 

Benefits - 
Increases power in lower body muscles: glutes, quads and calves.
Increases strength in back extensor and other core muscles for transferring power from the lower to the upper body.
Improves coordination of muscle activation when transferring from lower to upper body movement to maximize power.
Improves triple extension of the hips, knee and ankles for faster sprinting and jumping, increased quickness and a higher vertical jump.
Improves the connection between the lower and upper body so you can be strong and stable on your feet whilst performing powerful upper body movements.
Prepares the body for high intensity and explosive full-body exercises.



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