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How to fill the Cerberus Strength Dual-Ply Húsafell Sandbag

February 23, 2024

In this Blog we are going to cover how to fill the Cerberus Strength Dual-Ply Húsafell sandbag to ensure you fill it to the correct weight.

Our new Husafell sandbags are quite complex inside, the reason it’s designed this way is to; help maintain the shape and allow the sandbag to act like the iconic Húsafell stone when you are using them. That being said this can make it a little more difficult to fill.

How to fill our Cerberus Strength Dual-Ply Húsafell Sandbag:

Upon receiving your sandbag, the first step is to ensure you extract it fully from its external packaging. Then ensure you open up the sandbag as much as you can to its maximum capacity. Next open the Velcro flaps and unzip the filling funnel to reveal the intricate interior. Inside the sandbag, you'll find a secondary bag. It's crucial to insert your arm and distribute its contents evenly across all corners, making sure to pay attention to the seams. This is to guarantee that bag can be filled to its maximum capacity.

As you begin adding sand, remember to shake the bag regularly. This ensures that the sand is evenly distributed and reaches every corner, making the subsequent steps easier. As you work your way up make sure to reach in and check that the inner back hasn’t folded in on itself or become trapped. Then continue filling the sandbag incrementally, giving attention to compacting the sand as much as possible throughout the body and corners. As the sand approaches the top of the sandbag, focus on meticulous packing. Check for any folds or entrapments in the inner bag, ensuring a uniformly tight pack.

Ventilation is a key consideration during the process. Ideally, fill the sandbags in well-ventilated areas or outdoors for optimal air circulation. Final Steps: As you near the top of the sandbag, utilize your hands to press the sand into every corner. The goal is to achieve a hard-packed and tight sandbag, simulating the feel of a stone. For heavier sandbags, consider having assistance when shaking and compacting the contents to ensure tight packing. Once filled, zip up the top ensuring the zippers are aligned and the Velcro flaps are securely fastened.

Avoid cranking them down, as the bag requires some flexibility. Post-filling, it's normal to observe creases in the bag, which will diminish with use. The final step is to weigh your sandbag, confirming its filled weight. Conclusion: Filling our Dual-ply Husafell Sandbags might be a bit challenging, but the outcome is well worth the effort. The realistic feel and convenience of these sandbags make them an excellent addition to your workout routine.

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