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Deadlift Prep for my Double World Record - By Rhianon Lovelace

September 06, 2018

Phase 1: Strength Building

First and foremost of every single one of my Preps is the main Strength Building. This phase usually takes around 4-6 weeks depending on how long I have before I peak. This is the part we focus on weakness, for me is usually the drive off the ground. I will deadlift up to three times a week, with my main working sets being sets of 10, with the intensity of my variations being much higher to build the weakness up. The phrase “rep till death” is very appropriate here. Personally i find this the hardest part of the entire prep. Attacks both muscular endurance and Central Nervous System. For this Phase I use my 13mm Cerberus Lever Belt only.

Phase 2: The Intensifier

This phase usually takes around 4 weeks, this is the home in on form and perfection. The focus being on full engagement, speed and consistency. If any weakness persists past Phase 1 they are given secondary focus during Phase 2, as the preparations need to he laid for Phase 3 to be executed properly. This Phase is the easiest for me personally. Intensity is alittle higher, but the volume lowers. As a rule, no “dirty” reps are to be completed during this phase, the calculated weights should not require it. If they do one of three things is happening; you didn’t complete Phase 1 Properly, the weights are not calculated properly, or there is an external factor affecting your preformance (diet, sleep, stress etc). This phase is also the time for any Overloading that is required. I highly suggest any athlete above Novice level to complete an Overloading phase, for muscular safety and to promote the Central Nervous System, this can also prove useful in building an inexperienced athletes confidence with bigger weights. For this Phase I use my 13mm Cerberus Lever Belt and also introduce the Figure 8 Straps.


Phase 3: The Peak

This Phase itself is no more than 6 weeks. Preferably 4 for an experienced athlete, or athletes dealing with high weight: bodyweight ratio. The progression during this phase should be similar to an exponential gradient, rather than linear like the other two phases. With the Central Nervous System trained and Strength Built from the earlier phases this should be relatively simple. The volume is lowered right down, focus on Power and much lower reps. During this phase the athlete may need longer to recover, I personally set 3-4 days recovery of Phase 2, whereas Phase 3 requires 7-9 days recovery. Any suit or salts required are added during this phase only. If the athlete needs to learn how to use the suit this should be done before prep starts. For myself during this phase I use the 13mm Lever Belt, Hell Fire Smelling Salts and the Figure 8 Straps.


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