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Three Easy Ways To Improve Your Deadlift

January 11, 2022

We've got three simple tips that will have you hitting bigger numbers on your deadlift in no time!


No more touch and go (and definitely no bouncing) – when you do touch and go for your sets of reps on deadlift you are missing out a crucial part of the movement, “breaking it from the floor”. Training this dead start position is part of what gives you a strong pull from the floor. Touch and go allows you to keep constant tension and use momentum which helps you move the weight and get more reps, which sounds great but this will not have the same carry over to your 1 rep max or overall strength as expected. If you continue touch and go when it comes to a 1 rep max or picking something off the floor where you cannot use a bounce or momentum the strength in the start position (off the floor) will just not be there. By stopping dead at the bottom of each rep you will put your quads, hamstrings, glutes and spinal erectors under an increased workload making you stronger.


Target Weak Points – find out where you are missing your deadlift and work on that area if it's near the top then band deadlift upper back, trap work and grip strength would help. If it’s of the floor then form/technique work, leg strength (quads, hamstrings work) and posterior (lower back and hamstrings like good mornings or GHR, back extensions and lat work). We would suggest doing lots of research and maybe look at getting a coach to help asses this and fix any issues.


Deadlift more – if you want a bigger deadlift then you need to get better at deadlift. And the easiest way to do that is to do it more often. Prioritise it in your training! Do it at the start of your work out (after warming up) and you must remember that you need to get better at the movement, more efficient as well as getting stronger, start training it twice a week. Try a different deadlift variation from you main conventional or sumo in you second session, for example; snatch grip deadlifts, pause deadlifts, rack pulls there are load of options to choose from. Again we would suggest doing lots of research and maybe look at getting a coach to help asses this and fix any issues.

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